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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Head down as i watch my feet take turns hitting the ground.

Eyes shut, I find myself in love racing the Earth

and i soaked in your love

and love is right in my path. in my grasp

and me and you belong.


the color quality is so horrible.




Current Track: Smack into you by Jon Mclaughlin

Shoes: Eudora by Guess

Romance & Color

Romance & Color

I was looking through the New York Times online and of course i went straight to the Fashion and Style section. I came across some pieces from New York Fashion week and i saw these beautiful ladies all dressed up.

To no surprise these photos were taken from the Fall 2008 runway show of none other then Diane Von Furstenburg. I love the romantic feel of these outfits. It’s a powerhouse outfit for the office and a great look for dinner in the evening.


Hello to all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. I know i did! My friends and I always have a Christmas party every year. Its the time where everyone can get together and catch up, kind of like a family reunion.


It was a great time to show off my new heels that i am in love with. I was on a mission to find something while i was in downtown San Francisco. And i came across these beauties!


I have to start wearing my other heels i brought home. They might be getting sad that these new heels are taking all the spotlight.

Current Track: Let it rock by Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne

shoes: steve madden luxe ruffled heels

skirt: gray wool yoke skirt from gap

trenchcoat: old navy